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This site is going to make your life as a union craftsman easy, instantly! We’re going to provide you with over 50 different union hall contacts for every nuclear plant in the USA!

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Our site aim is simple: give you information, organized just the way you like it, always updated. With over 100 reactors in the US there’s too many outages to choose from. If you’ve worked a few you know they are not all created equal!

More than just “A List”

Our site provides tools to help you search and sort through all the outages. We provoid tons of information that you can’t get anywhere else. We have all the union halls with phone numbers linked with the plants and in most cases we also have the business agent/manager name and a website. We also link all the unemployment rates and websites for claims linked to each plant.

Let Us Do The Leg Work

Sign up and sit back. We’ll get you the low down on all the open jobs with numbers to call to get on the list. Each number we provide for you has been called and verified to be correct.

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We’ve spent months perfecting the controls and verifying every piece of information.

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